Feng Shui 2014 For Dog, Rat & Tiger

Singapore is a republic of south Asia that has a thriving life full of Asian tradition, but there is little forest remaining because the country is highly urbanized. Singapore is also a financial and tech hub of Asia. Feng shui is just a philosophical system – originated in China – that aims at harmonizing the surrounding environment with human existence.

Feng Shui 2014 For Dog, Rat & Tiger

Feng shui 2014

There are many Feng shui areas that are beneficial in 2014. You need to clear the clutter of your home for the flow of good energy to energize the home. Feng shui practitioners need to use red and pink colors in the South Feng shui parts of their homes or offices. The reason is that these colors support the Star 8´s Earth element. You need to put some images of water in the Norte area along with black and blue colors.

Never put a strong Earth element in the North part of your office or home. Use Chi Lins in the center part of your office or home. Love symbols and images of romance are great for the center place in your office or home. Gray and white are the colors to use in the West part of the home or office. Green Tara is also beneficial for this area. Do not put a very strong Earth element in the Southwest area.

Feng shui 2014 for dog

Financial prospects for the Dogs in 2014 are awesome. This is the time to start a new business or career. However, they need to control their temper and avoid angry reactions whenever possible. They can prevent accidents in this period if they watch their health and tread carefully. A contagious disease might have negative consequences on them, and they need to be aware of this fact. Advances on the romance front are hampered by incompatibility issues, and Dogs will show little power in this area.

Feng shui 2014 for rat

Rats are intelligent and energetic but they face career and wealth difficulties in the year 2014. However, relationships will be fine for rats. Rats are friendly and intelligent but others sometimes take advantage of their good nature. They also have a great sense of humor along with good communication features. Their ideal careers are music, hospitality management, tourism and travel, among others. Rats will face difficulties in the year 2014 to achieve their goals because obstacles will be strewed in their paths. They must be yielding and strong if they want to succeed with so many obstacles in their way. Many unexpected scenarios will hamper their actions as well. Responsible rats will have many opportunities to enhance their relationships side. They need to watch their health – gums and mouth especially- because they can get many infections in some parts of the body. They also need to upgrade their oral hygiene.

Feng shui 2014 for tiger

Tigers will have good luck in terms of money in 2014 because of the 2/4 combination in HO TU, which is happening in the waxing cycle. Their money luck will become stronger as time passes by in 2014. Their career paths will be enhanced thanks to the action of the HO TU. Their peer´s jealousy and conflicts will not stop them from getting what they want. Tigers have the vitality to cope with career and money problems because they are strong and resilient. The Horse is their astrological ally, and they will benefit from it a lot in 2014.

They will be able to call up their reserves of fortitude and strength to advance a lot and make some big money in the end. KUBERA must be invited to their office and homes to improve their determination, health, resilience and prosperity in the coming year. There are some months that will improve the money and happiness that tigers will get this coming year 2014. Feng shui enhancers will help them a lot too.

Feng shui in 2014 has many benefits for the tiger, rat and dog. Tigers will be able to improve their financial and career realities, while will advance a lot in romance. Rats will not have a lot to show in terms of strong finances, but their love life will shine at will in the year 2014. Feng shui is philosophical systems that can help a lot of people live a better life, but they should also find the truth behind any believe system.
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