Feng Shui Almanac For 2014

According to the feng shui almanac 2014, every January 4 until January 3, 2015, the annual or yearly energy changes on these dates. So, here are some recommended tips to be followed and should be set-up to give added support to your home or business accorded in Feng Shui.

The Feng Shui almanac 2014 describes the negative energy of Obstacles to be found at the NORTH WEST area while Sickness is located at the EAST area. 

Feng Shui Almanac For 2014

As being pointed out, on the 4th of February, the said annual energies tend to transfer to their new places each year. In this case there are two foremost bad luck stars that should be resolved. These bad luck stars can be found one at the Northwest and the other at the East areas starting from February 4, 2014 until February 3 2015

All throughout the year 2014, more than a few remedies can be used in the North West areas and East areas. One good example is the metal wind chime to be included in the outside areas. Whereas, there are quite a lot to choose from in the inside areas such as salt water cure, by ringing the space clearing bell two times a day, also by hanging metal bells of 6 pieces at the back of the door and by striking a singing bowl will also do. Good enough that all these things gets secured and comfortable in both areas the North West and East. 

By placing an object like brass calabash together with six pieces of Chinese coins in the East areas is extremely recommended so that these objects will help in the absorption of the stimulating sickness energy. On the other side, the North West area of your home, a Five Element Pagoda can impressively make the negative energy get harmonize. Digging or burrowing in the North West area and East area should be avoided for the reason that it may activate the stimulating sickness energy more. 

In the Feng Shui almanac 2014, the conflict star can be found at the South East area, which denotes the existence of quarrels, arguments and some legal matters. Just adding several bright red objects to the area is already an enough and good remedy to stop these negative energies. However, be vigilant enough of what kind of flying stars are there by this time in this area. 

The North East area is mostly stayed by the energy which allows hindrance of having good interaction and communication and also supporting physical and mental theft.
Nevertheless, there is just a simple remedy to this one by putting fresh flowers or sticks of lucky bamboo in a vase will do well. There should be no soil or rocks included inside the vase. A clear glass vase filled with water will be absolutely perfect. 

In the South area, greatest prosperous energy will be visiting this 2014. Ideally, a feature of moving water or a Salt Lamp will work best but then again, it is essential that you should know the foundational energy behind it before initiating this other energy either one with fire or water. Having your bedroom or the front door situated in the South area, you will eventually discover the opportunities increasingly flowing towards you. 

The Grand Duke is situated at the SOUTH area whilst the Three Killings are at the NORTH area. 

These names in Feng Shui almanac 2014 may sound so scary however; they are just representations of energy conditions. Something likes that they exemplify the storm and with all knowing where the storm comes from will permit you create the significant cover ups by means of remedies as defense and protection. 

One important thing to bear in mind always is to avoid digging, completing whichever main renovations you have, or landscaping your gardens or and making lots of sounds and noises especially in the South areas or in the North areas this 2014. Such disturbance and upsetting made at the areas above the garden or house may be the source of countless stages of effects which includes illness as well as injuries. On the other hand, such minor matters may involve short-range illnesses and money loss where at the same time as the greater the disturbances and offenses made, there can be greater effect to be expected.

In all aspect, there will be no problem at all if these certain areas are not being disturbed or offended. That is why; it is to be noted always that such disturbance on earth whether it is all about renovating or constructing in these areas should be at all sidestepped. Indeed there are remedies to solve these problems but it is still best to evade doing such things before it’s too late. Some of these remedies may be applicable. As such, position any metal like metal wind chime in between the building and the areas with disturbance. As recommended, placing a Dragon tortoise or Pi Xiu fronting the Grand Duke Jupiter way which is in South area in 2014 will help conciliate him. 

Feng Shui Almanac For 2014

Correspondingly, do not at all time forget to face the South area physically this year. The effect is you will be challenging the Grand Duke. It is ideal to just transfer your desk or in your dining table, you can sit in a different position it possible. It would be fine if you wish to sit with your back in contrast to the South area. This would mainly indicate that the Grand Duke is behind you and at your side in which it is a tough position to be. 

With regards to the Three kilings, other options to be used are the 3 Wise Men, one Dragon Tortoise, a pair of Kirins and a Laughing Buddha. Any of these objects are acceptable only that, place them at the North area of the house facing the North. Not like the Grand Duke where you can sit in front facing the 3 Killings but you should also prevent by allowing your back to them which will then cause you danger. So this coming year 2014, it is advisable not to sit with your back to the area of North. 

Such renovations, constructions, landscaping if cannot be avoided in the South or North areas in 2014, it is cautious enough that you should choose any favorable date to start these activities. Whatever happens, it is still good to have guidelines as to may come the following year. This feng Shui almanac 2014 is one of the best guides for every people.

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