Feng Shui Tips For Monkey, Rooster & Pig for 2014

If your birth year is represented by a pig, monkey, or rooster in the Chinese astrology, you need to find out about what is coming your way in the different aspects of your life. Things seem to be good, but it is better to find out just what specifically to look out for. Here is a look at each zodiac sign.

Feng Shui Tips for the Monkey for 2014

Overall, things are expected to go pretty well for the monkey people. Here is a closer look.

1. Health

Your health looks good this year, as long as you maintain a balanced energy of the Feng Shui trinity. Also, to stay in excellent condition, maintain your body with Feng Shui cures like air purifying plants and essential oils among others. Feng Shui crystals and good art should contribute to your calmness as well as better health throughout the year.

2. Wealth and Career

There will be many opportunities to make money this year, so make sure to keep an eye out for them and grab them when they come by. You may however need to complement your bright year with Feng Shui wealth cures with a strong aspect of earth. Use cures like Dzi beads and the Gem tree. This is because you may find your duties and responsibilities for putting you under a lot of pressure, and these cures will come in handy

3. Love

Your luck in love this year will be fair, and using Feng Shui love cures should make things work out for you. Having the medicine Buddha, Kwan Yin, will help a great deal too.

4. In general

Overall, focus on leading a calm lifestyle, this year, coupled with a serene and down-to-earth temperature. Make use of your personal amulets as well as Feng Shui crystals like the moonstone or the jasper. Also, expect a visitor carrying good tidings this year, so make sure to treat everyone coming your way kindly.

Feng Shui Tips for the Rooster 2014

Just like the last year, you are expected to go on experiencing great luck this year too. Here is a more in-depth look.

1. Health

Just like the monkey people, you too are ensured of good health, and maintaining balance of the Feng Shui trinity may better your luck. Make use of popular Feng Shui cures too.

2. Wealth and Career

Things look good here, but it is recommended to strengthen the projections by decorating your work place, office, and home with Feng Shui wealth cures like the Feng Shui crystal tree. In addition, if you have a boss, he/she may show more appreciation for your work.

3. Love

Good luck is expected to come your way in this aspect of your life. Things look even better for those who are already in love and in relationships as a new member of the family may be coming from, a baby.

4. In general

Make sure to give attention to your work as well as your relationships.

Feng Shui Tips for the Pig 2014

The good tidings are coming in your way; all you have to do is make use of the opportunities coming your way.

1. Health

Your energy is at a crucial point, so make sure to take things easy and take time off from the work and mental pressures to relax and cool off. Balance your Feng Shui trinity and make use of good health cures, especially essential oils.

2. Wealth and Career

As said earlier, many opportunities are coming your way; all you have to do is grab them. Do not however take it with too much pressure or you may end up ruining everything, remember your energy needs tendering to.

3. Love

Your looks as well as mannerisms are bound to attract someone for you this year, and if you are already in a relationship, make sure to take care of your partner.

4. In general

Focus your attention mainly on maintaining the balance in your energy by taking some time off the daily life tasks. Also, give attention to your loved ones to keep the relationship intact. You are expected to generally have good things coming your way when you do this.

Generally, things look good for the monkey; rooster as well as pig people this year save for a few ill lucks like low energy. Looks like it will be quite a great year; all you have to do is grab every good chance that comes your way.
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